Denzel Washington’s net worth is $250 million. Denzel Washington was born and brought up in Mount Vernon, New York on 28th December 1954.  He was not only an oscar-winning worldwide one of the most recognized Hollywood actor, but also his skills included being a marvelous producer, director, and screenwriter as well. He didn’t only dedicate his life to the Hollywood industry, his admirable engagements on beneficial works for improving the society and his country was appreciated much. Denzel’s mother Lennis Washington had a local beauty parlor at that time. And his father Denzel Hays Washington worked at the new york water supply department, also he worked at a local department store. Junior Denzel has a strong, Christian upbringing by none other than his father who was also an ordained priest himself, which is the junior Denzel even considered to becoming a priest in the future like his father. Denzel went to Pennington Grimes elementary school. His parents got divorced when he was only 14 years old. After he moved with his mother, he was sent to Oakland Military school, which is a private preparatory school at New Windsor, New York. As for his high school, Washington attended Mainland High School in Florida, between the time of 1970 to 1971. Then he joined Fordham University where he got his bachelor’s degree in Arts in Drama and Journalism. Lucky for us, a friend from Denzel’s summer camp suggested to him that he should start his career in acting. 

Denzel Washington Career-

Actor in a Leading Role Denzel Washington.

Denzel Washington first started his career as an actor and got some small roles in Fordham. But his career first took off as an actor in 1981, on his first debut film Carbon Copy. From 1982 to 1988 he played in a TV series called St. Elsewhere which really helped his career to take a turn and get recognized worldwide. Washington won his first Academy Award as a best-supporting actor, in 1989. Though before that he did get nominated for an Oscar in 1987. Washington has since then given us his masterpiece works in almost 50 different hit movies, like- American gangster, Devil in a blue dress, Fallen, Glory, Inside man, Malcolm X, The Hurricane, Vistiousity, Training day, etc. Denzel won his second Oscar for the movie Training day in 2001. 

Denzel Washington used to do theatre before acting. Although, he still kept joining plays since it became his passion. Apart from acting, he directed a few movies which also added to his total net worth.

Denzel Washington Properties-

Denzel Washington Properties

In Beverly Hills, he has his grand mansion which costs

$14.6 million. His mansion includes eight bedrooms, a tennis court , a royal

guest house, a giant swimming pool. The area is 30,000 feet land which also

houses his production offices. He has a wide range of car collection which

includes his Rolls Royce phantom, a lamborghini, Aston Martins and several


Denzel Washington Net Worth-

Denzel Washington Net Worth
Denzel Washington Net Worth

As of 1st August 2020, Denzel Washington has a total net worth of $250 million. Much of this wealth came from acting, screenwriting, directing different films, and production. From acting, he gets between $60 to $80 million annually. Furthermore, last decade, he earned $20 million on average per movie. His film Virtuosity got him $7.5 million in 1995. After three years, he got $12 million for his films Fallen and The Siege. Only from movies, Denzel Washington earned $38 million in 2006 and $33 million in 2013. Washington also made some records. He is one of the few actors who was paid twice for the same movie. In 2004, he got paid for his movie American Gangster before the movie was dropped. And again, he was paid for the second time after the movie was revived again in 2007.  

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