Elizabeth Huberdeau was not a public figure before she got married to a famous wrestler John Cena. She is good looking, hot and all of the above one rich independent women. Women’s attitude has the power to make her beautiful and good looking. I mean who will not love women having millions of dollars in her bank account. Women traveling in Mercedes always look great. I am not being a gold digger here, but that’s a reality check of our society. And one can’t ignore the fact that money is everything. Money is absolute power. 

Let’s read about some very interesting details about Elizabeth Huberdeau in the article below. 

Elizabeth Huberdeau Career

Elizabeth Huberdeau is a businesswoman and real Estate agent. She has nothing to do with wrestling until and unless she became john cena’s wife. After she got married to John Cena, she was known as Liz Cena. 

Elizabeth Huberdeau Early Life

Elizabeth Huberdeau was born in Newbury. According to some information available on the internet, her birth date is 29 September 1979. There is no such information available about her family, parents, and siblings. 

No one knows about her early school as well. But according to some sources she has attended Springfield College. It has been noticed that Elizabeth Huberdeau is very secretive about her personal life. And she never discussed what’s going on in there. 

Married Life

Elizabeth Huberdeau got married to John Cena in 2009. John Cena is a famous actor, also a rapper. But he got his fame from wrestling. John Cena is considered one of a very famous and powerful wrestler. He has a very strong fan base. 

The love story of John Cena and v has started back in school years. Yes, they fell in love in early school days and remained in a relationship for a very long time. Later at the premiere of one of the films of John Cena, he announced her marriage news. They got married in Boston. 

This marriage lasted for 3 years. Three happy years. This couple was referred to as love birds. And it was an inspiration for so many other couples as well. Sadly Elizabeth Huberdeau and John Cena don’t have babies. And they got divorced after three years of happy married life. The reasons for their divorce are still unknown. But it is said that Elizabeth Huberdeau blamed John Cena for having affairs with different girls and that’s why she divorced him. 

According to some sources, Elizabeth Huberdeau is now dating her new boyfriend. And rumors are they are getting married soon. 

Elizabeth Huberdeau Net Worth

As I have mentioned earlier that Elizabeth Huberdeau is very secretive about her personal life, she never disclosed her net worth in public. But thanks to divorce papers, where she mentioned her net worth as $10 million. Whoa, that’s huge. She is one rich beautiful woman in that case. 

Well, that’s a little life information about Elizabeth Huberdeau’s lifestyle, marriage, schooling, and her Net worth. 

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