Sometimes it happens that you are sitting alone in your bedroom, having some lonely time. And suddenly, you started feeling horny. What to do at that time, even when your boyfriend is not around. That’s a pretty awkward situation. in that situation you can calm yourself down by reading some gone wild stories of horny girls. Luckily there are some websites that allow you to share your gone wild sex stories with other people. 

I have gathered 3 best gone wild sexy true stories for you all. 

Let’s have fun together. 

Friends Movie Night

Friends Movie Night

Last Saturday, I had a little get together with my friends at my place. All of us had a great time in partying, laughing, eating and all. At the end of the party, I had to say goodbye to all my friends but I insisted John stay over. We decided to watch a movie together. In fact, I never just wanted to watch the movie “only” I had some other plans, as there was no one at home at night. 

The movie begins. I remember it was a romantic movie and I was the one who selected it. We lay down in the bed. I knew there was a sex scene in the middle of the movie. I was waiting for it. As soon as the scene started, I got mad. John paused the movie and ask me to fuck. We had a very rough fucked that night. As far now, last Saturday was the best Saturday of my life. 

The Best Fuck Of My Life

I and jolter decide to have a sexy photoshoot. Jolter was busy setting the camera into my bedroom and I was preparing myself for the pictures. We had decided on all the important angles. Sexy angles from breast, thighs, legs, and toes. Once he finished setting up the camera, I was done wearing that net bra and panty, we were all set for the photoshoot. 

I don’t know what happens suddenly, but I saw him getting hard, very hard. I looked at him down there. That hard cock was everything that I wanted right away. He grabbed me. I sat down in his legs, started licking. It felt as tasty as hell. Later on, we tried every possible position and that was fun. 

The Drunk Night

 That was the last day of school. We decided to have a party after school. All of my friends went to a bar. I drank a lot. I thought it was the best night to do everything. Everything that can give me pleasure. I was crushing on one of the girls from school. Luckily she was at that party too. That drunk sexy girl was all that I wanted. I took her to my car. She locked the car, stripped off her clothes. And fucked her as hard as I could. The best drunk night of the year so far.

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