David Andrew burd also is known as Lil Dicky or “LD” is an American rapper who has built his career through Youtube; who is famous worldwide not only for his hardcore rapping but also for his praiseworthy comedy and screenwriting skills. His famous songs “Save that money”, “Ex-Boyfriend”, “Lemme Freak” have shaken the world and created a huge fan base.

Early Life of Lil Dicky

32-year old David was born on 15 March 1988 at Cheltenham Township, Pennsylvania. He belonged to a middle-class, Jewish family. David attended Cheltenham high school before he went to the University of  Richmond. There he graduated in 2010, and after a while, he moved to Florida where he became involved with Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners ad agency as an accountant as well as an ad copywriter.

Dating life of Lil Dicky-

Lil Dicky has been rumored recently to be dating, as one of his songs called “Molly” indicated so. But when the fact came to light, that this rumored “girlfriend is his Ex; what a shock! Though Lil Dicky has also been doubted not to be as straight as one should be, a few of his songs have given the fans this idea which is not entirely true and got no solid evidence to prove that.

Careerof Lil Dicky and Net Worth

David’s music career started as a way to get people’s attention as a comedian on youtube, but as he fell in love with music, he planned to take the next step on this line. When he was still working for the ad company he started to work on his debut mixtape called “So Hard” which finally got released after two years in 2013. His song “Ex-Boyfriend” is the most known song of all which got widely recognized on youtube and in just about 24 hours it gained 1 million views. After releasing 15 videos and 32 songs Lil Dicky entered a phase of life where he “went out of money” so he went to Kickstarter on a campaign to raise money to create and produce more songs in the future. And for your information not only the campaign was successful but also he earned more than he expected which is around $113,000 in about only 2 months. After that, his career took off.

Famous Quotes of Lil Dicky-

“You hear a lot of rap songs about spending money. I thought, wouldn’t it be funny to make a song about saving money because it’s ironic, but beyond irony, I genuinely have pride in saving money.”- Lil Dicky

Youtube famous-

Since Lil Dicky is a comedian as well, his songs are twisted with comedy which gave him most of the fame. His channel has got 7 million subscribers and his songs have got around 1.7 billion views; so if anyone is now dreaming to become a youtube famous superstar, Lil Dicky is a huge inspiration.

The inspiring life of Lil Dicky-

But what inspired Lil Dicky? Lil Dicky has always a positive, energetic person from the beginning, three motives that Lil Dicky has always followed in his life and advises others to follow are-

1. Be fearless- From youtube to a worldwide famous rapper and comedian, Lil Dicky always took his chances, and no matter what he never feared anything. If you have a motto, a goal to achieve, and you work hard for it, you will get to it like him.

2. Too much seriousness is not good- For Dicky, he never liked a very serious approach to life, well that explains his comedic mind.

3. Do something funny and different- If someone knows how to have fun in their work, he/she definitely can succeed in their life. Mainstream is always boring, and boring work doesn’t give you enjoyment. if you can’t enjoy your work and life there is no point in living that life that is what Dicky believed.

Biggest Hits of Lil Dicky-

Lil Dicky released a single called “Freaky Friday” which featured Cris Brown in 2018. The music video became a huge hit and has been viewed over 600 million times. He then did a live performance at Philadelphia in 2014. In 2015 his first studio album Professional Rapper came out; which topped on the US Rap, US Indie, US Comedy charts. Not only that but Dicky’s “Professional Rapper” also became #7 on the Billboard Hot 200 Chart.

Property and Net Worth-

As his career took off well, Dicky is now a worldwide known American rapper who has a net worth of 8 million dollars. In 2018, Lil Dicky bought a cottage in Venice, which cost him 2.5 million dollars. The cottage has an impressive outlook with a duplex home with luxurious guest rooms. The cottage has literally taken around 2,162 square foot space in Venice where even a small amount of space costs you a fortune.

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