Many people know her as a wife of Jordan Belfort. But Nadine Ciardi has her career and she has made her name with all her efforts. Though it’s a fact that she is the wife of a very famous actor. In case you don’t know about Jordan Belfort, he played a vital role in the movie the Wolf of Wall Street. Here I am going to write about some interesting facts from the life of Nadine Ciardi let’s talk about her personal life, career, marriage, and net worth. 

Personal life

According to information available about her personal life, she was born in November 1962. Nadine Ciardi opens her eyes to London but after her birth, her family decided to move. Later they shifted to the US where she started her early schooling. Nadine Ciardi was a very bright student, from a very early age she decided her plans and she wanted to be a successful businesswoman. Nadine Ciardi also had some interest in modeling as well. 

Nadine Ciardi Career

At an early age, Nadine Ciardi decided to step into the modeling industry. There is no second thoughts about her beauty. A perfect 5 feet 11 inches tall, blonde lady with her blue eyes. She was very attractive and beautiful. As soon as she started her modeling career Nadine Ciardi got so many offers from different brands. She did a lot of cover pages and became the eye candy of industry. During her modeling career, she was seen dating her boyfriend Alan. Alan was a very successful businessman, and both of them had good chemistry. But later they broke up without marrying each other. 

Nadine Ciardi Marriage

Nadine Ciardi Marriage

Nadine Ciardi fell in love with Jordan Belfort. They both had their first eye contact during a party. At that time Nadine Ciardi was at the peak of her career and Belfort was working as a stockbroker. Though you all will be shocked after listening that Belfort was married at that time. And it is said that he used to love her wife a lot. But unfortunately, both of them got divorced. Afterward, Belfort and Nadine Ciardi got married in the year 1991. 

It was a happy marriage and they had two kids. After that Jordan went behind the bars because of some illegal doings and later in 2005 they both got divorced. The reason for their divorce is the excess use of drugs by Jordan Belfort. 

Nadine Ciardi Net Worth

Let’s talk about the net worth of Nadine Ciardi. She earned a lot during her modeling career. But according to some sources, it is said that she gained enough as a result of divorce from Jordan. The net worth of Nadine Ciardi is estimated at 5 million dollars. She no doubt is one strong, independent and beautiful woman. 

That’s all about Nadine Ciardi’s life history and career. Do comment if you want to add something up.

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